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Ujjain Temples
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Mangal Nath Temple, Ujjain

Shiva or Mahadeva is the deity which is worshipped in Mangalnath temple. The Mangalnath temple is situated away from the bustle of the city and looks down upon a vast expanse of the Kshipra River. It is regarded as the birth place of Mars (mangala in Hindi), according to the Matsya Purana. Famous for a clear view of the planet and hence suitable for astronomical studies.The real birth place of mangal is Ujjain.

One among the seven sacred cities of the Hindus, Ujjain has been a high-flying center of spiritual activities for over 2,000 years. The sacredness of this township is attributed by the mythological legend that during ‘Sagar Mathan’, one drop of nectar spilled over Ujjain, which makes it a sacred place. Whatever be the truth behind this, Ujjain has got a considerable position in the Vedas and it is believed that two parts of Skanda Purana, are supposed to have been composed here.

Ruined sculptures and monasteries have been found sprinkled around Ujjain, leading to the credence that Buddhism thrived here in the 4th century. A glut of these, along with ruined temples and old remnants of houses found in the district take the visitor to the historic reign of the Mauryan Empire. Ujjain’s relevance is not constrained to the small circle of a religious place. Apart from that, this city was a haven of astronomers, and great poets. Besides this Ujjain was ruled over by many greatest rulers who have given out their best to this historic city. The illustrious kings of the Gupta dynasty whose reign is considered as the golden rule of India belonged to Ujjain.

Festive occasions and fairs play a significant role in the lives of people in Ujjain. An ancient religious centre, Ujjain is famous for the Kumbh Mela, Ardha Kumbh and Shivaratri. Today the city presents a unique blend of glorious past with the vibrancy of modernity. A plethora of ruined temples, damaged sculptures, ancient monasteries along with attractive monuments and a serene ambience, Ujjain provides unlimited opportunities of exploration.

Mangalnath Temple Architecture:
Bhopal is a fusion of Islamic and Hindu architecture culture, and the amalgam is evident in its monuments as well as in its places of worship. So, along with the myriad mosques that it houses, it is also home to the marble-white Mangalnath Temple, situated on the outskirts of the city.

Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, and Mangalnath is a local deity who is worshipped by the people every Tuesday.
The temple has been very well maintained, and the inner sanctum contains a life-sized idol of the deity, dressed in purple robes and seated on a throne.